A Wardrobe Full of Resources

A Wardrobe
Full of Resources

Quiz on the consumption of resources in the fashion industry
Test your knowledge with this quiz!

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Fast Fashion:
Particularly Resource-Intensive

Which resources are used in the production of clothing? How much clothing is discarded every year and how many lakes’ worth of water are needed to produce the clothing that is marketed around the world? How much do you know about resource consumption in the fashion industry? Fast fashion is considered to be particularly resource-intensive: the production of the material requires a lot of time and labour, while the dyeing and disposing of it consumes considerable natural resources as well as producing a lot of waste. In the process, the industry contributes to an accelerating and irreversible destruction of the environment and of human health.

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Question 1: Producing waste

How many tonnes of waste were generated in 2015 through the production and disposal of clothing?

  • 15 million tonnes
  • 60 million tonnes

  • 92 million tonnes

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Question 2: Consuming water

How many cubic metres of water were used across the fashion industry worldwide in 2015?

  • 42 million cubic metres
  • 10 million cubic metres

  • 79 million cubic metres

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Question 3: Production of plastic

Textiles represent what portion of yearly global plastic production?

  • 5%
  • 15%

  • 30%

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Question 4: Emitting greenhouse gases

What volume of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the clothing and textile industry each year?

  • 600.000 - 800.000
    tonnes of CO2

  • 150 - 300 Millionen
    tonnes ofCO2

  • 1.200 - 1.715 Millionen
    tonnes of CO2

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Question 5: Labour power

How many people work in the fast fashion system worldwide?

  • Every third working person
  • Every sixth working person

  • Every tenth working person

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Question 6: Health in the fashion industry

How many workers in the textile and clothing industry worldwide are affected by work-related illness?

  • 3 million workers

  • 27 million workers

  • 15 million workers

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