Synopsis CONSCIENCE OF CLOTHING is is a documentary film project that aims to raise awareness about sustainability and fair fashion.

Today’s fashion trends are tomorrow’s trash. Consumption is rapidly increasing. And yet: fashion is human. Individuality, creativity, personality, preferences, style—all of this contributes to who we are as a person. Yet it also makes us susceptible to manipulation. Is there a way out of the obsession with wasting resources? What role does each of us play as an individual and does it make sense to try to uphold something like individual responsibility along the supply chain? What roles do social media and influencers play? Can they be part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

THE CONSCIENCE OF CLOTHING is building strong bridges to western civilisation „Zeitgeist“ topics such as egoism, consumption in real life capitalism (fueled by fast fashion), intersectional feminism and sustainability in the modern world.

For years, human rights organizations have been pointing to the precarious working conditions that exist along textile industry supply chains. Here you’ll learn about the power relations and structural problems that exist within this industry, what the fashion industry means for people in producer countries, and things that every individual can do to improve these conditions.

Enter the Worlds of Learning

Movie1: Cambodia

It’s a roadtrip about honest encounters and a progressive personal development story, translated through permanent reflexion of our two protagonists Helen Fares and Willy Iffland – taking a deep dive into the heart of Cambodia’s garment industry. Inspired by welcoming encounters with locals, THE CONSCIENCE OF CLOTHING is an authentic snapshot of an industry that accounts for the livelihood and everyday reality of roughly a fifth of the country’s population.Our topics are working conditions, fair wages, education, road safety and general life in Cambodia.

Helen Fares

Helen Fares is a music journalist and a show host. She studied psychology with a focus on economics. From 2014 to 2018 she hosted the „Open Air Frauenfeld“-music festival and has been working as a music journalist since 2014. Together with Josi Miller, the 25-year-old has been producing, writing and presenting the podcast „Deine Homegirls“ („Your Homegirls“) since 2016. In 2017, Helen was the presenter of the ARTE-network documentary „Homo Digitalis“. Since then, she has worked as a writer for documentaries on Hip Hop-culture and psychology. The main focus of her work is socio-political education on Instagram.​

Willy Ifland

Willy Iffland

Willy Iffland is a social media influencer and blogger. The 30-year-old lives in Leipzig and always pioneers on the latest platforms. His key asset: Authenticity. Willy is an ambassador for international brands and brings his experience of more than 10 years in social media and blogging to his work. Willy is a passionate sneaker collector, loves tattoos and has a soft spot for fancy clothes and fast cars.​

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