Welcome to the Worlds of Learning of The Conscience of Clothing!

On this educational website, we focus on various social, human, environmental and economic aspects of the fashion industry. We want to make power relations and inequalities in the local work context visible while doing the same for imbalances in centre-periphery relations at the global level.

Based on the film series The Conscience of Clothing, we reveal the dynamics of global production and supply chains and, taking Cambodia as an example, examine working and living conditions in the fashion world from global and local perspectives.

This website is aimed at independent learners and educational facilitators who want to expand their knowledge and put it to work in campaigns, educational projects or in their public relations work.

Our aim with this educational documentary project is to provide a tool that can be of use in the debate over unequal conditions in global supply chains, support the elaboration of critical positions, and amplify the call for more responsible consumption. By making the social struggles in producer countries visible, the material aims to contribute to the establishing of fair working conditions and trade structures in the textile industry.

We invite all organizations and people active in this area to keep this page updated with their posts, materials, interviews, videos, and photos. This will allow us to keep people informed about current developments in global supply chains in the textile sector, to deploy these materials in different contexts, and to inspire each other to do emancipatory, critical educational work. Let’s get talking and working together!

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