Responsible Consumption

Changes towards a fair global community around fashion are not only the responsibility of politicians and business owners. The help of every individual is required! Your purchasing decisions can also make a statement against the exploitation of people and nature.


  • 1


    Consider whether you really need the garment.

  • 2


    Resist the urge to always buy everything straight away. Perhaps you can borrow the item you need from a friend, or share or swap things with others.

  • 3


    When buying clothing, pay attention to where and how it was produced (e.g. by keeping an eye out for particular fair trade seals for textile production or sustainable fashion labels).

  • 4


    Continue wearing your clothing for as long as possible.

  • 5


    Repair your clothing and take good care of it, so that you can wear it for as long as possible.

  • 6


    Avoid waste. Pass old garments on or make new things from them.

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    Tell friends and acquaintances about it.

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